The Cannabis Trail honors the pioneers, places, and moments that paved the way for legal cannabis access.


Northern California is where the battle for legalized cannabis was waged. It’s an important story of human rights, patient access, and compassion. The Cannabis Trail honors the pioneers, places and significant historical moments that paved the way for the legal cannabis access we have today.

The Cannabis Trail travels from Santa Cruz to Weaverville. It will exist as an iconic cultural and historical trail, and serve as a third pillar alongside the Marin Cheese Trail and the Napa Wine Road. The Cannabis Trail will draw travelers, history buffs, cultural connoisseurs and cannabis enthusiasts seeking a memorable, immersive experience.

The Cannabis Trail Cultural Landmark

Unveiling Ceremony for Two New Southern Humboldt County Cultural Landmarks

Public Service Announcement: The public is invited to attend an unveiling ceremony for two new Southern Humboldt County Cultural Landmarks along The Cannabis Trail. Festivities will run from 1:00 to...
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Welcome Statement — Message from Brian Applegarth, Founder

Brian Applegarth, Founder We are embarking on a journey to create something iconic and meaningful that will stand the test of time. The Cannabis Trail will serve as an immersive experience and...

How the Emerald Triangle Became a Seed Bank

Tucked in the north western coastal mountains of northern California lies the most famous cannabis cultivation area in the world: the Emerald Triangle. Comprising Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity counties, the Emerald Triangle has developed more than fifty years of experience of craft cannabis cultivation techniques.

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The Cannabis Trail: A Column Celebrating the Cannabis Legacy of Northern California

Where I grew up, pot was as common as drinking beer. It was and still is embedded in the culture. I am fourth generation northern Californian, and smoked my first joint when I was 13 years old. By the time I turned eighteen, I was traveling the world and studying abroad whenever possible. After earning my BA in International Studies at UC Irvine in 2002, I wandered.

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Cannabis Plays a Singular Role in San Francisco’s Radical Communities

The San Francisco Bay Area has a history of radical social movements and progressive agendas. For decades, marginalized outliers of society have sought sanctuary in the city itself. For the counterculture movement, the LGBT community, and cannabis activists, San Francisco has been the place where movements and communities have organized, strategized, and mobilized their collective voice and agenda.

Our Vision

As you travel The Cannabis Trail, you will visit historical and cultural sites and take in powerful artistic monuments that effectively storytell about the people, places and benchmark moments of the California cannabis movement.

Get Educated

Catch up on the luminaries’ stories and historical timeline of the California Cannabis Trail.

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